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How Will We Decide

When we make decisions or even simple choices, we normally need some time to look at our options and go through the entire decision making process.

But things are quickly changing and now technology is also changing the way we decide.

For example, YouTube or Netflix is able to curate videos for you to watch.

Each day we leave digital breadcrumbs that are being collected and analyzed by data scientists.

Perhaps it won’t be soon before Siri and Alexa know us well enough to make decisions for us.

But how is artificial intelligence as a decision making model?

Well, we can say that AI is more capable of making objective than decisions because it is free from human bias.

Okay so how will AI change the way companies and managers make decisions?

The situation is normally like this: most companies make decisions using a limited amount of available data. So, they still rely on human input. In most cases, it’s the highest paid person’s opinion.

Now get this, that person doesn’t get to call the shots because they’re good at it. But simply because they have the biggest responsibility.

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Let’s continue. So if you put AI into the picture, the amount of available data increases.

And more data means better decisions minus the human input.

This ultimately means that decision making no longer has to rely on hierarchical systems.

Such a good opportunity, isn’t it?

However, like any other model, it has limitations.

First of all, AI relies on algorithms. They’re big black boxes!

We won’t fully understand the decisions that they come up with.

Unless you’re well versed in AI, you won’t know exactly how the data is being processed and manipulated.

You’ll simply have to believe that’s it’s doing what it needs to do.

Not all decisions are good because it’s objective and free from human biases.

Sometimes you need to put in some humanity too, get what I mean?

And here’s another flaw.

Large amounts of data sure are valuable in the decision making process.

But come to think of it, sometimes data is just data. It doesn’t necessarily produce meaning or explanation.

The point here is this.

AI offers a new way of decision making.

But it doesn’t make the other models outdated.

Human values always matter in decision making and you can’t simply input that into a machine.