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How Not To Answer What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

This interview question “what’s your greatest weakness?” has delayed potential employees for many years- whether they applied for a local or big company. There’s no hundred percent guaranteed response to land this query. However, there are glaringly awful methods to reply and methods that great as possible your chances. The first step, is to recognize why you are asking this query: what’s the interviewer searching out? After that, we’ll see how you should not answer.



Typically, the interviewer seeks to peer certain matters while wondered about applicant weaknesses – first, they are searching for self-recognition. Are you self-aware sufficient to apprehend and in which you want to develop? And are you relaxed sufficiently to recognize these regions?

“What is your greatest weakness?” is one of the famous interview questions, so the hiring manager also makes sure you are careful sufficient to prepare an answer to this query. In case you do not have something prepared for them, it can be apprehended into consideration a crimson flag.


Find out more why should I hire you job interview question answer in this YouTube video below.


How should not answer?

First, you probably have a weak spot, so don’t indicate, “I don’t have any weaknesses”. It isn’t bold or no longer assured, and precisely what the interviewer wishes to exclude someone from the manner. Part of the fortitude of your response is your righteousness or honesty – having the braveness to accept that you cannot have all the abilities you want to immerse yourself straight away inside the task. The hiring manager does not search for a person to do the activity truly straight away or superbly – they are searching out capable folks who need to grasp and develop in a position.

You don’t want to be stupid – for instance “I’m not fine at keeping the office unblemished” or “I am not well-ordered ” for no further purpose, it will be bad for you. Hold on your response sincere, however, bear in mind to explain it and how you will conquer your weakness.

Finally, do not choose the weak point, which is precisely as fortitude. Working undeniable or paying too much attention to the element isn’t a weakness except you describe why – as an instance, it is tough to disconnect when the time is right or because it’s hard to see a comprehensive picture.